Save Sligo

What You Can Do To Save Sligo


The single most important thing you can do right now is e-mail the Montgomery County Council members and County Executive Ike Leggett and tell them to keep golf at Sligo Creek. You should also take the time to contact  the other people listed here. They are all involved with Sligo's future or demise as a golf course. Use the links below and tell a friend to go to and do likewise.Thank You!


Ike Leggett

Montgomery County Council

Council Members:

Valerie Ervin (Silver Spring/Sligo Creek District)

Phil Andrews (President)

George Leventhal

Nancy Floreen

Mike Knapp

Marc Elrich

Roger Berliner (Vice President)

Duchy Trachtenberg

Nancy Navarro

County Council Members are NOT volunteers, they are paid $94,040.00 per year to represent you, the taxpayers who pay their salary. Do not be shy about contacting them as they control the ultimate fate of Sligo Creek Golf Course. Please also consider contacting these important players who control Sligo's fate and letting them know how you really feel about their decision to close Sligo:


 Montgomery County Revenue Authority

Keith Miller (Director)


 Maryland-National Capital Park _ Planning Commission

 Mary Bradford (Director)


Montgomery County Planning Board

Royce Hanson (Chairman)


Montgomery County House Delegates

MD House Delegation


Montgomery County Senate Delegates

MD Senate Delegation


Congressman Chris Van Hollen



By "GOOGLING" the following you will get easy contact links supported by the respective organizations and people.

President Obama 

The Tiger Woods Foundation

The First Tee



NGF (National Golf Foundation)

NOW (National Organization for Women)

Americans With Disabilities Association (ADA)




Please return to this site as it will be regularly updated with important meeting dates, contact information and other important information to help save Sligo.

Help us save this valuable community resource that not only serves our increasingly diverse golfing population but has also been a source of pride for our culturally diverse community at large for over 50 years. Together we can do it. Thank you!

We'd like to hear from you. See how the community feels about closing Sligo at our "Community Comments" page.