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                                                           June 29, 2009



Thank you for your correspondence regarding the proposed changes to Sligo Creek Golf Course. I am always delighted to hear from constituents, and appreciate your commitment and leadership on this issue.

Like you, I fully support maintaining this beautiful open space as a golf course. Although, as a state official, I do not have direct authority over this county-owned property, I have been actively working with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission on this issue. I have strongly urged them to move forward with the "golf course as a golf course" option. As a staff member from the Commission noted at the May 26th meeting, where there's a will, there's a way. The will of both local golf enthusiasts and residents of the Sligo Creek area is to maintain the course as is. I have made clear to the Commission that they should lead with their values - open space, recreation - not a legalistic argument over lease terms. Preserving green space and our quality of life continues to be my top priority for Montgomery County.

Thank you again for taking the time to reach out. If you have any additional questions or concerns on this or other issues, please feel free to contact me at (301) 858-3130 or email me at




                                                               Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher


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