Save Sligo



"It fulfills a unique need in the county."

Andrew Klein, Moderator for PREZCO, Silver Spring

"These management issues and monetary issues need to be truly brought out in a way that is truly transparent to the public."

Carol Barth, Montgomery County Civic Foundation's Parks Committee

"The only foregone conclusion is the property comes back to the Commission."

Carol Rubin, Attorney for Park and Planning


From "The Gazette," June 3, 2009, by Staff Writer Jason Tomassini


"It's important to be engaged with the community about this issue because there is a lot of fear about losing this green space."

Councilwoman Valerie Ervin (D-Dist. 5) Silver Spring

"We will ideally have a plan as to what will occur at Sligo between now and next year."

Councilman Mike Knapp (D-Dist. 2) Germantown

"I'm prepared to keep this course open until the fall but it raises some questions ... would encroach on any notion of [the NGF study's] independence from the course."

Councilman Marc Elrich, (D-At Large) Tacoma Park


From "The Gazette," April 1, 2009, by Staff Writer Jason Tomassini



"Other than using the land for passive recreation, everything else would cost a bazillion dollars."

Councilman Marc Elrich, (D-At Large) Takoma Park

"We were not allowed to work with the financials."

Michael Welsh, President of the North Hills of Sligo Creek Civic Assocaition

"For all intents and purposes it will not be operated as a golf course."

Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson

"We're hopeful the council will not rely on the Revenue Authority's determination of what constitutes competition."

Woody Brosnan of the civic group PREZCO, Silver Spring


From "The Gazette," March 25, 2009, by Staff Writer Jason Tomassini



"It's hard to see that somehow little Sligo is going to pull down the entire system."

Bruce Sidwell, Chairman of the Sligo Creek Citizens Advisory Group

"They are allowing them to run it until October, get another season of money out of it, give it back to [the Park and Planning Commission] and when they give it back it can no longer be operated as a golf course."

Byrne Peake, President of the Woodmore-Pinecrest Civic Association

"No matter what we do to the facility it will be a continual drain on the system."

Montgomery County Revenue Authority Director Keith Miller


From "The Gazette," March 4, 2009, by Staff Writer Jason Tomassini

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