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"I can't put it any better than my hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, regarding our fight to keep Sligo open to all people of all races, genders and abilities:

'We must combine the toughness of the serpent and the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.' "

 Ernie L, Silver Spring


"I want to add my vote to keep Sligo Creek Golf Course open to the thousands of people who love golf but do not have the luxury of uncommitted time to devote 5 hours to playing 18 holes but can spare 2 or 3 hours for 9 holes close to home. If 9 holes is good enough for President Obama it's good enough for me!"

Bill W, Silver Spring


"Me and my friends are all in our 70's and 80's. We know we play slow but our dough is the same color as everybody else's!  Our votes count the same too."

Stan, Rockville


"To the members of the Montgomery County Council,

I want to express my support and my family's support for keeping Sligo Creek Golf Course open.

Sligo Golf Course is the only truly "local" facility for golfers in the downtown Silver Spring area, not to mention the only "learner-friendly" facility (i.e. where new golfers, especially young players like my kids, can learn the game and play at a relaxed pace) in the entire County, if not the entire Metro area. Having such a facility ensures that the County will continue to groom new golfers (since fewer than 10% of golfers belong to country clubs) who will move on to play the County's other, full-scale facilities ... as they master the game. None of the other proposals that have been offered (or rumored) like soccer fields, gardens, Frisbee golf course or (worst case) a parking lot for County maintenance vehicles can offer the same family-friendly entertainment that generates additional "lifetime revenue" from its citizens as does Sligo Golf Course.

Thank you in advance for your consideration on this important issue."

Matt D, Silver Spring


"When my leg was amputated I was so depressed I wanted to kill myself. Because they cut it off at my hip I do not wear a prosthetic. I get around on crutches. My beautiful wife gave me a set of golf clubs for Christmas. Her and golf and Jesus saved my life. I have many reasons, some selfish, for wanting to keep Sligo open. Please, please do not close this course."

TW, Silver Spring


"I am a woman golfer. Me and my lady friends do not feel comfortable playing at bigger and longer golf courses. Golfers have been openly hostile to us when we play somewhere other than Sligo because we do not hit the ball as far. DO NOT CLOSE THIS COURSE!"

Susan I, Silver Spring


"My dad taught me how to play golf at Sligo. Now I am teaching my 11 year old son and 12 year daughter how to play golf at Sligo. My dad recently passed away and playing golf with him at Sligo are some of the happiest memories of him I have. Don't deny my children the same privilege I had. I do not work 60+ hours a week to give my family less than I had growing up."

Sam, Tacoma Park


"It's amazing that they would want to close down a priceless landmark such as this. My son and I play golf here all the time. He lives in Baltimore and chooses to drive down here, 45 minutes to play a couple hours of golf with his Dad! Something HAS to be done to stop this injustice."

Maurice D, Silver Spring


"My son has special needs because he has a mild form of mental retardation. I am a single working mother and just want to say thank you to all the golfers - and employees - who have been so generous and kind in helping him learn how to play, letting him join up with you on your rounds and otherwise looking out for him. God bless you all."

Jean C, Silver Spring


"I heard Frisbee golfers want to get their hands on Sligo. Maryland already has 17 Frisbee golf "courses" including ones in College Park and Gaithersburg. One of this organization's major claims, or mantras, is that "unlike older brother the PGA" you don't need a "traditional" golf course to play disc golf. So hands off Sligo, Professional Disc Golf Association!"

H P, North Hills of Sligo Creek


"Is it true they want to put soccer fields at Sligo Creek Golf Course? I agree with Marc Elrich who is on record as saying it would cost a "bazillion" dollars the county simply does not have because the terrain there is so hilly. I don't understand how the county can even entertain the notion of spending a "bazillion" dollars when Sligo has been set up as a golf course ever since I can remember. And I'm in my 60's!"

A Taxpaying Non-Golfer, Potomac


"Community gardens in a bedroom community of homes with yards?! If they want to grow food for the estimated 10,000 children in the greater DC metropolitan area who will go to bed hungry tonight I'll give them a shovel. Otherwise I give this idea the ax!"

Laquisha M, SOME*, Washington, DC


* has no affiliation with So Others Might Eat but encourages your support of this vital group. To lend your support click HERE


"I have nothing against soccer but please, my neighborhood is serviced by two-lane roads and the infrastructure simply cannot support the large crowds that soccer matches draw. I am not a NIMBY, but if the county has enough money to spend plowing up the hills of Sligo then they should just continue the golf course. Thank you."

MJW, North Hills of Sligo Creek


"Not everyone has all day and $70 to play 18 holes up the county. I wish I had more time and more money but I don't. But I do have a good memory and come election I'll remember who did what."

James, Silver Spring


"The plain truth is I don't feel comfortable playing other golf courses in Montgomery County. The only people of color I see are the Hispanics mowing the grass."

JT, Washington, DC


"I do not think it's fair to ask golfers to subsidize the construction of basketball courts, playgrounds, hiking trails etc., which is what the Montgomery County Council has done with this lease."

Annonymous, North Woodside Montgomery Hills


"My family lives near Sligo Creek Golf Course. Nobody plays golf. But I have 3 small children and would love it if any of them decided to play golf. We feel very lucky to have a golf course almost in our back yard for our kids to use. Please keep this community resource open for golf."

Mary, North Hills of Sligo Creek


"Thank you for your efforts to keep this wonderful golf course open! I am a 66 year old woman who does NOT play slow but cannot afford to pay the expense of playing elsewhere in Montgomery County because I live on a fixed income and 18 holes is too much money, even with the senior discount. You keep on telling it like it is, because when Park and Planning had Sligo it was like going to the movies in terms of money. Now they must think we all got golden parachutes like the big shots on Wall Street."

Jill K, Wheaton


"Me and my friends play at Sligo all the time. We all go to Wheaton High School and work also but like golf is so expensive that none of us have fancy clubs or even real golf shoes because we give most of the money we make to our family for food and stuff like that. We are totally cool with Sligo because a lot of golfers there look like us and don't have real golf shoes neither but love to play golf like we do."

Juan, Wheaton


"Valerie Ervin's office is already exploring starting a new community garden at Sligo Mill Overlook and now they need Sligo golf course too? Is this a silly joke?"

Karen G, Silver Spring


"Everybody goes to Sligo and I mean EVERYBODY! I've seen everything from a Bentley to a Yugo in that parking lot. I've seen everybody from [Congressman] Van Hollen playing with his kids to that guy with the one leg, and man can he play! For the record he is African American like me but we are all brothers on this one!"

Marcus W, Silver Sping


"My wife and I live in Silver Spring and have four young children. I am self-employed and she is a nurse at Holy Cross. Whenever I have a free hour or so, which is not often, I sneak over to Sligo to play a quick 9 holes. If this course closes my golf bag goes in the closet because I flat out do not have the time to drive to any other course."

Ben R, Silver Spring 


"It astonishes me that a county which prides itself on diversity would close a major facility that has been an integral part of our community for so long without even doing one single study on whether closing Sligo would have a disparate impact on minorities, seniors, low income, young and handicapped golfers. I have lived in Silver Spring all my life and have never seen anything so short-sighted from our community leaders. What is the Montgomery County Revenue Authority anyway, a dictatorship? Our Council needs to wake up and keep this agency in check. They seem to answer to nobody. Is Silver Spring now a communist territory within Montgomery County!"

Robert, Silver Spring 


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